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Fully Automatic Machines

Automatic assembly line, assembly machine technology, automatic testing machines has been supplied by Mekhos across a range of industries sectors . Mekhos is specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke production line equipment, assembly stations and semi or fully automated production lines.
An automatic assembly machine can incorporate automatic testing, robot automation and mechanical handling, all of which elements can be supplied as a turnkey solution to the customer, these type of equipment is driven by our customers’ requirements.
Mekhos supply the correct automatic machine or assembly line system to meet the specification. The industrial automation machinery we supply can be a single assembly bench or a number of assembly machines to suit a cell layout or pallet transfer system. All the assembly systems that we provide incorporate modular construction and technology modules to allow the customer to expand as the specification changes.
From a machine for assembly line automation of small components for the medical and pharmaceutical industries to larger automation systems to handle metal castings for the automotive industry, each Mekhos automatic assembly line machine solution is designed to provide the best method for reducing labor costs, increasing output and eliminating manual handling concerns.

Assembly Lines

Complete Product Assembly Line, with a concoction of manual assembly stations, fully automatic machines, semi-automatic machines and End of line testing machines has been supplied by Mekhos for different industrial products like starter motor, EGR, Break-Off Valves, Door Latch etc.
A tailor made assembly machine can give you an advantage in production capacity, process control and other various crucial parameters, the quality control and FTA for the production will improve drastically and rejection due to manual interference can be brought down.
Poke-Yoke and part presentation is an important part of line design with Mekhos, owing to ergonomics and intelligent man machine interface design, the skilled labor demand for production can be eliminated.
Industry today has become very volatile and agile, we suit our solutions not only your present needs but also to your future needs, preparations like this will always keep you one step ahead in the game, machines are designed with smart change-over mechanisms like SMED, for any further product model incorporations with the minimal change in process and machinery.

End of Line Testing Machines

End of line testing machine developed by Mekhos can offer complete quality assurance testing using the most modern technology and test equipment. Machines can provide both quality equipment and superb back-up.
Every aspect of electrical, mechanical and software design, together with project development and manufacture is conducted on-site, enabling us to take full responsibility for your projects. Computer listings of parts, wiring diagrams and other maintenance information means that Mekhos can offer you a first class after-sales service

Some major areas of testing outside the specific product function test that Mekhos supply equipment for,

 Pressure Testing

 Flow Testing

 Leak Testing

 Sub Assembly Function Testing

 Vision Testing

Jigs and Fixtures

The abilities of our in-house jig and tool design and manufacturing facilities enable simple jigs and more complex fixtures to be designed to suit the customers’ requirements. Laser cut, CNC Machining is commonly used as this allows complex shapes to be cut to match customer design information. Mekhos has a rich experience in fixture and jig design for various product ranges, it is this experience which allows us to produce flawless fixture for our or for other standard machines which you use. The examples of checking jigs and assembly fixtures varying from a large fixture for assembly and testing of turbojets or engine assembly for the automobile industry to a small cost effective checking jig to hold an electronic component during the manual assembly process.
Mekhos jigs and assembly fixtures can aid manual operations by aligning parts to reference datums, securing parts so additional functions can be easily carried out or simply allowing easy access to opposite faces. Many jigs and fixtures supplied are more of an intelligent fixture and incorporate poke-yoke, an important requirement especially in the automotive industry for ensuring that it is not possible to produce incorrect parts

Standalone Stations

As the Indian industry is moving more towards many products it has become important to maintain an optimum between the manual operation and automatic operation for the cost and quality balance.
We support the industry by building several range of standalone machines, these machines give you an open option to automate any specific process which is critical or troublesome on the shop floor.
Other than this, if you want to move towards a fully automatic production sequence from manual, these machines enable you with a step by step growth process, this helps you to understand the automation and the changes that might come in a step by step way, thus making them more solvable and overall easier for the automation to get implemented.

Some Typical Standalone machines are:

 Shock absorber gas filling and testing machine.

 Washing machines.

 Sizing Machines.

 Visual Inspection Stations.

 Automatic Tightening Stations.

Metal Cutting SPM

Metal Cutting industry has been evolving in full phase to meet the production requirement in the marketing, there is a need to constantly evolve the process to achieve the quality and the production requirement posed by the market.

We produce specialized machines to help you build a rugged production process with stable and reliable production parameters.

Typically, Mekhos works in following metal cutting sections:





Machines we have built are made to meet your quality standards and the agility to adapt to the other production variants with minimum investment, thus increasing the overall lifecycle of the machine in production.

Ergonomic Manual Work Benches

Even though we are moving more and more towards automatic process and manual machines are inevitable part of our industry. We believe that part presentation and ergonomic design of the work station can not only reduce your manual work time but also reduce the operator fatigue ultimately increasing the productivity of the operator throughout the production shift.
Mekhos has expertise in ergonomic study of the process and posing a solution of manual work station in great details of ergonomic and poke-yoke to improve the manual process to help increase the productivity and reducing the workplace injuries easier interaction with the machine improving the morale of your workforce at the same time.

Our work stations are typically designed with following concept studied very closely:

 Part presentation

 Power tools placement

 Hand reach and room to move.

 Pinch points

 Potential pressure points

 Assembly or loading height


Conveyors, a common piece of material handling equipment that helps move goods from one location to another, allow for quick, reliable and efficient transportation. Potential applications include material handling, packaging, automation, assembly, food processing, pharmaceutical/medical, automotive & many more.
Depending on your application's requirement, Mekhos manufactures steel, aluminum and stainless steel conveyors, polymer chain conveyors, chain conveyors, free flow conveyor, belt conveyors ideal for unit or bulk handling by elevating or transporting horizontally in wet and dry environments.
In today’s industrial environment material handling is a subject of great study, we build smart conveyor system with electro-mechanical technologies to make to most suited to your needs whether it comes to fully automatic lines on conveyor systems or part handling between workstations.