Fully Automatic

Automatic assembly line, assembly machine technology, automatic testing machines has been supplied by Mekhos across a range of  industries sectors . An automatic assembly line can incorporate automatic testing, robot automation and mechanical handling


Complete product assembly lines, with a concoction of manual assembly stations, fully automatic, semi-automatic machines and end of line testing machines has been supplied by Mekhos for different industrial products

End of Line
Testing Machines

End of Line testing machines developed by Mekhos offer complete complete quality assurance testing using the most modern technology and test equipment

Work Benches

Mekhos has expertise in study of the process based on which we will provide a solution of work stations in great detail of ergonomics and poka-yoke to improve the manual process to help increase productivity and reduce work place injury at the same time

and Fixtures

The abilities of our in-house jig and tool design and manufacturing facilities enable simple jigs and more complex fixtures to be designed to suit the customer's requirements.

How do you benefit?

Count on us to get the best solution for your manufacturing process


We welcome your input and standards to create a hassle-free machine-building process.


Get the best out of your manufacturing process data collection & storage built in.

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Frequently Asked Quetions

With the ongoing semi-conductor crisis, the lead times for most PLCs, servo motors and anything with a chip, are extremely high. And since no two machines are identical, we cannot provide you with a straight-up answer. But from our experience, most machines take around 15-30 weeks.

A bulk of our solutions are integrated in Automotive Sector, but we also work actively in Medical devices and Electronics Segment.

We understand the importance of digitization in your manufacturing process. We provide Product & Process level traceability, integration with MES, SAP, WEB server & much more.