• Client:

    Terumo Penpol

  • Name:

    Breakable Cannula Assembly Line

  • Location:


  • Year:



The requirement here was to make a fully automatic assembly line for a Breakable Cannula. The part consists of Sleeve and a Break-off valve, where the latter has to be inserted inside the former. The component is placed inside tubes which connects blood bags. Breaking the cannula allows the flow of blood.

 There were a few main requirements from our customer. Main one being that the machine had to fully automatic in a clean room environment since this is a medical component. The machine had to produce 1,45 lakh components in a day.

 Two factors had to be checked. Distance of insertion of valve inside sleeve and leakage.  There were a few major challenges like plastic child parts, low cycle time requirement, being the most prominent. Nevertheless, the implemented machine was a success. 1.63 Lakh good components were produced daily with a rejection rate of less than 2 percent. The customer saw a return of investment by the 6th quarter