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    CSM Assembly Line

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This was a requirement for an assembly & Testing Line for Chassis Suspension Module.The CSM are used in commercial vehicle to adjust the height of the suspension. There are 2 parent variants of CSM that need to be produced specific to customer requirement. The core function of the product remains same but there are dimensional, Ball Position, Ball size & Fitting position changes in the component across variants.

An in-depth study of the component was undertaken to understand the assembly requirements. In order to completely assemble a single CSM unit, 7  individual semi-automatic stations had to be designed. The line included 2 stations for ball pressing of various diameters at multiple different lotions within the component, 1 station for semi automatic child part assembly with auto dispensing, 1 station for tightening using nutrunner coupled with torque arm and 2 stations for end of line leak testing. All process data was captured and stored against the specific part in the local PC for traceability.